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Pan-Asia Corporate Access Calendar

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Global Conference Calendar
Conference Name   Date Location
ASEAN C-Suite Investor Conference
  24-26 June, 2019 Singapore
Asia Pacific Property Conference
  27-28 June, 2019 Hong Kong
Japan Corporate Forum – Zurich 2019
  03 July, 2019 Zurich
Greater China Corporate Day (Theme: Financials)
  04 July, 2019 Hong Kong
Japan Corporate Forum – London 2019
  04-05 July, 2019 London
All Star Analyst Day 2019 : Mid-Year Outlook Amidst Escalating Trade Tensions
  08 July, 2019 Kuala Lumpur
Citi hosted meetings at Semicon West 2019
  08-10 July, 2019 San Francisco
Hong Kong and China Corporate Day (Theme: Mid-cap and Industrials)
  09 July, 2019 Hong Kong
Indonesia Investor Conference
  06-07 August, 2019 Jakarta
2019 Citi 1:1 Midstream/ Energy Infrastructure Conference
  14-15 August, 2019 Las Vegas
India Corporate Forum in Singapore and Hong Kong
  20-21 August, 2019 Singapore, Hong Kong
Citi-REITAS-SGX C-Suite Singapore REITS and Sponsors Forum
  22 August, 2019 Singapore
Greater China TMT Corporate Day
  27-28 August, 2019 Hong Kong
China Corporate Day
  02-03 September, 2019 Singapore
India Corporate Day in London
  03 September, 2019 London
2019 Global Technology Conference
  04-06 September, 2019 New York
Citi’s 14th Annual Biotech Conference
  04-05 September, 2019 Boston
Citi’s GEM Conference New York
  04-05 September, 2019 New York
Malaysia Investor Symposium
  04 September, 2019 Kuala Lumpur
Argentina Day 2019
For more information, please contact your Citi salesperson
  12-13 September, 2019 London
Growth Conference 2019
  19-20 September, 2019 London
Citi’s Saudi Investor Day
For more information, please contact your Citi salesperson
  02 October, 2019 London
Citi’s 11th Annual Australian and New Zealand Investment Conference
  16-17 October, 2019 Sydney
Tokyo Motor Show Investor Conference
  24-25 October, 2019 Tokyo
China Investor Conference
  05-08 November, 2019 Shenzhen, Macau
Education: Back to Basics 2019
  19 November, 2019 London
European Financials Symposium
  25-29 November, 2019 Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney
2019 Basic Materials Conference *NEW*
  02-04 December, 2019 New York
Japan Executive Seminar 2019 *NEW*
For more information, please contact your Citi salesperson
  02-03 December, 2019 Tokyo
Global Consumer Conference
  10-11 December, 2019 London
2019 Global Healthcare Conference
  11-12 December, 2019 New York
European Insurance Conference *NEW*
  09 January, 2020 London
Turkish Conference 2020
  13-14 January, 2020 London
European Utilities and Infrastructure Conference *NEW*
  15-16 January, 2020 London